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Please Note

These metal armours are not guaranteed suitable for re-enactment with steel weapons.

Armour Checking

These items should all meet current Lorien Trust armour checking guidelines unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Times Some of these items are imported and will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered if not in stock.

Gustav arm armour
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The armguards are attached to the spaulders with a leather strap on the inside. Three further buckle straps are used to fix them to the wearersīarm.
Balthasar Articulated Arms
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This complete armguard is made from nine articulated pieces that allow a wide range of movement. The forearm is protected by a two-piece tube, which is closed tight.
Markward Articulated Arms
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This seven piece full armguard matches and completes the "Markward" series. Upper arm and forearm are, each, safely wrapped in a full steel tube, which is closed by using a buckle-strap.