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Please Note

These metal armours are not guaranteed suitable for re-enactment with steel weapons.

Armour Checking

These items should all meet current Lorien Trust armour checking guidelines unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Times Some of these items are imported and will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered if not in stock.

Mortimer Bevor
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The high half collar has a mobile visor and protects the neck, as well as the lower part of the face.
Adam Gorget
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Just like all the other "Adam" armour parts this gorget has a stiffening corrugation along the outer rim. This simple decoration adds style and stability to the gorget. All Mytholon spaulders can be combined with the "Adam" gorget as seen in picture 3.
Georg Gorget
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The "Georg " gorget has an extraordinary cut. The long chest part extends far down the chest to give extra protection.
Gustav Gorget
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This simple gorget is made to fit our armour series Gustav. You wear it over your breastplate and it has got two buckle straps on both sides to attach the spaulders.
Kaspar Gorget
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Inspired by patterns from the mid 16th to mid 17th century, the german cavalry armour can be used for a wide range of various characters and costumes.
Lucas Gorget
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This small gorget was designed for young heroes and ladies - bigger necks will have difficulties fitting in there. Attention: The bump on the lower backplate is for ergonomic fitting and NOT a damage. There are no fixpoints for spaulders attached.
Markward Gorget
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The main difference of the "Markward" gorget, compared to our other armour gorgets, is that it consists of three separate parts instead of just two.