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Welcome to Velvet Glove, the online costume shop, for all your LARP/LRP costume, LARP/LRP Armour, Re-enactment costume or Historical costume requirements.

We have an extensive range of styles, designs and products and we can undertake custom work to your specifications.

Latest News 16/02/2023

Custom Orders We are currently no longer taking custom orders, as our orderbooks are full, thanks to all out keen customers. We have temporarily removed items made by us here at Velvet Glove from our website. Once sufficient spaces have opened up in our order books we will reinstate these items, and be open to taking custom orders once again. All other items which are still on the website ARE still available to order, as we dont make those inhouse. Thank you for your continued support.

Please note Most of our items are made to order so please allow time for us to make your item when ordering. Many of our order confirmation emails seem to be ending up in SPAM folders, so please check if you have not heard from us.

Our overseas goods are proving so popular they sell out fast. We are putting in regular orders with our suppliers and working on building up our stock levels, but please leave extra time when ordering, so that if they are out of stock, we can still get the items to you in time.

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