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Please Note

These metal gauntlets are not guaranteed suitable for re-enactment with steel weapons.

Armour Checking

These items should all meet current Lorien Trust armour checking guidelines unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Times Some of these items are imported and will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered if not in stock.

Balthasar Gauntlets
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This gauntlet is made from eight pieces and provides good protection from blows to the hand and forearm. The long cuff is closed on the bottom. The gauntlet is closed with three buckle-straps and fits tight to most hands.
Markward Long Gauntlets
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The long version of the "Markward" gauntlet has an integrated cuff, which provides extra protection to the wearers forearm.This six-piece gauntlet has, even though the cuff seems long, a very good movability and allows a free rotation of the wrist.
Markward Short Gauntlets
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The short gauntlet "Markward " is very agile. It is fingerless, consists of 6 flexibly connected segments and barely limits the movement of the hand in combat. The glove is closed with three buckles and can also be worn over chainmail gloves.