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We supply a wide range of make up suitable for use in theatre and LARP.

As well as those items detailed here we can supply other types and brands of make up.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

If the item you require is currently in stock it will be dispatched within 2-3 days, if the item is not in stock please allow longer.

Please note. Areosols cannot be shipped overseas.

Blood Capsules
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Each pack contains 10 large blood capsules.
Gel Blood 50ml
Image of ItemEnlarge Image

Gel blood 50ml bottles.
Mastix 12ml
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Glass bottle with included brush, containing 0.4 oz (12 ml) of Mastix spirit gum.

The spirit gum is easily removed with Mastix Remover and is usable for at least 12 months after opening.

Mastix Remover 50ml
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Sturdy plastic screw cap container, containing 1.7 oz (50 ml) of Metamorph or Epic mastix spirit gum remover.

The spirit gum remover is the ideal way to remove spirit gum. It is a perfect cleansing agent for your latex effects too.

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12ml of Maskworld or 30ml of Epic brush on scar fluid.
Snazaroo 18ml Water-Based
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Snazaroo water based makeup in 18 ml pots. Available in a wide variety of colours.
Snazaroo Metallic/Sparkle 18ml
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Snazaroo, metallic coloured and sparkle, water based makeup in 18 ml pots.
Spirit Gum Adhesive & Brush
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Spirit gum adhesive - safe for application to skin. Used to fix prosthetics and false facial hair in place. Comes in a handy bottle with its own application brush. 10ml bottle.
Stipple sponge
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A stipple effect make up sponge.
Make-Up Sponges
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Sponges for applying makeup. Price is per sponge.
Hair Colour Spray
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Non-permanent colour spray to quickly colour your hair.