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Please Note

These leather armours are not guaranteed suitable for re-enactment with steel weapons.

Armour Checking

These items should all meet current Lorien Trust armour checking guidelines unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Times Some of these items are imported and will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered if not in stock.

Astrid Cuirass
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The Astrid cuirass has been thoughtfully tailored to suit the feminine form, striking a balance between elegance and resilience.
Dragon Cuirass
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This fully articulated body armour features interconnecting plates designed to mirror your body’s natural movements, providing you with an unparalleled freedom of movement.
Dragon Slayer Cuirass
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Designed for the feminine shape this is a fully articulated body armour with interconnecting plates that move with your body providing you with full and unrestricted movement.
Ethereal A
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Tailored for the feminine shape this remarkable piece of armour features a hand-cut top layer made from robust veg-tan paired with a suede backing.
Ethereal B
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Armour designed specifically for the feminine shape, featuring a top layer of hand-cut, thick Italian veg-tan leather, this armour is nothing short of stunning.
Ethereal C
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Designed for the masculine shape the cuirass incorporates a top layer of lovingly hand-cut thick veg-tan, dyed to your desired colour and backed by suede with a complimentary colour tone.
Rangers Cuirass
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The Ranger cuirass is a uniquely crafted, fully articulated body armour. Thoughtfully designed to move as you do, our armour offers unrestricted body movement for all your adventurous pursuits.
Sicarius Torso
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A moulded fully articulated modular design. The leather has been lovingly moulded and hardened. It has been edged in leather for even greater durability and style. The shoulders are fully articulated giving unrestricted movement and comfort.
2nd Edition Artemis armour
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A beautiful leather torso for ladies. It is curved in the upper part and slim fit around the waist. The edges are embossed with pretty embellishments. The size can be adjusted to the wearer with three buckle straps at each side.
Albrecht Body Armour
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The Albrecht series torso armour is made from high-quality leather uppers. It offers you the possibility to attach lots of different spaulders to its integrated collar.
2nd Edition Antonious Body Armour
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A beautifully decorated leather armour for the upper part of the body. The gorget is attached to the rest of the armour, its surface is decorated with a kind of hammer finish. The edges are embossed with different patterns.