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Please Note

These metal armours are not guaranteed suitable for re-enactment with steel weapons.

Armour Checking

These items should all meet current Lorien Trust armour checking guidelines unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Times Some of these items are imported and will take 4-6 weeks to be delivered if not in stock.

Galahad Tassets
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Equipped with two buckles on the top, these tassets can be strapped to the front plate of many similarly strapped and bucked types of breastplate.
Georg Tassets
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Georg Tassets are elegantly curved and convex shaped with decorative beading and riveting.
Kaspar Tassets
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The "Kaspar" tassets are made from 7 flexible connected lamellae.
Markward Tassets
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Made of two segments, which are attached to a wide armour belt. Together they result in a movable and very effective abdomen protection and is closed with two straps on the back. Markward Tassets can combine well with many designs.
Vladimir Tassets
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The matching thigh protection for the "Vladimir" torso armour. It consists of two tassets with flexible segments and a belt. The tassets can be tied to the belt at different positions to fit the wearer.